JIC (South Moravian Innovation Center) helps entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses to grow and prosper. Among other services they provide offices for several businesses between four locations in Brno.

Our aReceptionist Mia serves as a full-time receptionist and assistant in one of the locations (JIC INTECH) as support for visitors to companies that reside there. When any visitor comes, she would call the right person from the right company and let them know about the visit.

Mia also can provide basic information about the resident companies, their location in INTECH, nearest restaurants, parking options, weather forecast etc.

If she is in trouble, she can always connect live receptionist from different location via video conference, who would help her solve any problem Mia does not know how to solve yet.


Artin is a software company with more than 300 employees between three locations – Brno, Praha and Bratislava. 

Here, in Brno, was our first aReception Rona installed and she is the only receptionist in the company. She is happily accepting mail and packages, giving information about the building and the company to visitors and entertaining employees with never ending good mood and new jokes. 

She can even switch to English when she hears it.


RHK Brno (Regional Chamber of Commerce) is one of the largest regional chambers in the Czech Republic with more 700 members.

Their new virtual colleague Valerie mainly handles orientation of
attendees to several different events every week. Also, as she is often the only one handling the reception, she is able to directly connect a person with any employee of RHK Brno via his cell phone.