Customize Your aReception Terminal with Our Digital Avatars

Leverage the power of personalization with our digital avatars for aReception

Imagine, instead of a regular receptionist, your visitors are greeted by a digital avatar tailored to your brand and communication style. With our aReception solution, this is possible. We offer a wide range of avatars – from realistic likenesses of men and women to cartoon characters.

Our digital avatars not only add a personal touch to interactions with your customers, but also contribute to the efficiency and smoothness of reception operations. Plus, if you have your own design, we can create a custom avatar from a supplied photograph for you.

Wide Range of Avatars for Every Brand

The avatar collection is highly variable to cater to different brands and industrial sectors. Whether you’re looking for a formal man or woman or something more playful and creative, there’s an ideal avatar for everyone.

Avatar selection is possible from the Premium plan.

Avatars can be tailored to specific needs. Choose an avatar that best represents your brand and we’ll take care of the rest. Avatars are designed to be as customizable as possible to your needs.

Creating Your Own Avatar for Your aReception Terminal

Creating your own avatar for your aReception terminal is simple. Just provide us with a photo and we’ll transform it into a digital avatar that will represent your brand. This process is quick and efficient, allowing you to have full control over what your avatar will look like.

However, it’s important to note that creating a personal avatar is only possible when ordering the Enterprise plan.

Whether you choose one of our pre-prepared avatars or decide to create your own, you can be sure that your aReception terminal will have a strong and unique visual impact.


With aReception, you can transform the way your company interacts with visitors and customers. Our digital avatars add a personal and unique touch that helps create positive and memorable experiences. Start today and discover how a personalized digital avatar can enliven your reception.

Overview of Digital Avatars