aReception Use Cases

The main idea is to free people from routine and dull work tasks, so they can focus on more meaningful and inspiring activities.

Our aReception solution is designed for a wide range of industries, which includes housing and accommodation, such as hotels, guest houses, apartments, campsites, or dormitories. We also focus on transportation infrastructure, where we provide support for airports, railway stations, metro stations, bus stations, and other transport hubs.

Our services also include office and commercial spaces, such as corporate reception desks, office buildings, coworking centers, shopping malls, car dealerships, financial institutions, and many others. For educational, cultural, and recreational facilities, we provide solutions for schools, universities, libraries, theaters, museums, galleries, cinemas, sports clubs, and other cultural and entertainment centers.

In addition, we deal with healthcare, social, and sports facilities, which includes hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, rehabilitation centers, homes for the elderly, fitness centers, and many others. Our universal aReception solution is designed to facilitate everyday activities and improve customer satisfaction in all these sectors.

How Various Businesses and Institutions Benefit from aReception

aReception brings many key advantages across various industries and sectors. Among the most important are the efficiency of communication with visitors and clients, quick orientation, and easy access to information in public and private spaces. We also offer time and cost savings on staff, thanks to the automation of activities associated with receiving visitors and customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about aReception and its application: Where can you deploy the virtual AI assistant?

The application in housing, accommodation, and tourism sector includes a range of facilities, such as villas, palaces, hotels, hostels, guesthouses, residences, apartments, family houses, bed and breakfast (B&B) accommodation, campsites and caravan parks, holiday homes and cottages, wellness and spa facilities, as well as serviced apartments and aparthotels.

Use in transportation infrastructure includes a wide range of facilities and services, such as airports, metro stations, railway stations and stops, bus stations and stops, ports and maritime terminals, tram stops and stations, car parks and parking garages, expressways and highways, urban cycling paths and bicycle parking lots, transport hubs, rail transport, cable cars and mountain railways, transport services, taxi stops, car sharing and bike sharing, and also logistics and transport companies.

Application in office and business premises includes a wide range of facilities and institutions, such as main gatehouses, office parks, coworking centers, shopping and commercial centers, industrial and manufacturing plants, telecommunications companies, logistics and transport companies, conference and convention centers, marketing and advertising agencies, administrative and office buildings, technology parks and innovation centers, financial institutions (banks, insurance companies), office buildings and coworking centers, and also educational and research institutions (universities, laboratories)​.

Use within educational, cultural, and recreational facilities covers a wide range of institutions such as zoos, schools, museums, theaters, libraries, IQ centers, castles and chateaus, casinos and gaming venues, fairs and exhibitions, cinemas and cultural centers, galleries and exhibition spaces, congress centers and conference spaces, and also educational and research institutions (universities, laboratories).

Applications in healthcare, social, and sports facilities include a wide range of institutions such as clinics, hospitals, outpatient care, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, rehabilitation centers, birthing centers and kindergartens, fitness centers and sports clubs, diagnostic centers and laboratories, psychological and psychiatric clinics, nursing homes and caregiving services, rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers, blood test and vaccination collection points, outpatient care and specialized clinics (e.g. dental, eye, ENT), healthcare and social facilities for people with disabilities, and also centers for alternative and complementary medicine (e.g. acupuncture, homeopathy).

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