How Does aReception Work?

aReception Terminal - Features

aReception takes advantage of highly advanced artificial intelligence, including natural language processing (NLP). This speaking assistant with a welcoming human face effectively and quickly assesses all scenarios resented and performs the appropriate action for the user or shares the information requested.

The AI assistant works by converting speech into text when spoken to and searches for an immediate answer within pre-prepared scenarios. If an accurate answer can not be found, it connects to OpenAI (artificial intelligence) and retrieves information from across the internet, converting the text back to spoken words and providing an answer with a friendly, clear voice.
Simply put, aReception is very much a smart friend who helps one find what is needed.

As a virtual assistant, it can replace or complement its human colleagues at a reception desk, gatehouse, or tourist information centre, as well as a guide or switchboard operator. One can communicate with it through speech or by typing on the touch display. Integrate aReception as a virtual colleague into your team and enjoy a modern and efficient way of communication!

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Artificial . Automatic . Autonomous

What Can aReception Do?

Analyzes Data

Carefully processes gathered information to provide useful analysis and insights that help improve your company.

Contacts Necessary People

Effectively communicates with the necessary people, calls or alerts those whom the visitor is looking for, and maintains smooth communication flow.

Personalizes Itself

Customize the appearance and behavior of aReception according to your company's needs, ensuring it perfectly matches your brand and corporate culture.

Advises Even in the Evening

It is available continuously, providing support and information even in the evening hours when you need to quickly find a solution.

Entertains Visitors

Keeps visitors engaged with pleasant and informative conversation while they wait for their appointments or further assistance.

Integrates with Systems

Offers a flexible API for easy integration with your existing systems, ensuring smooth operation and effective coordination with other tools.

Notification of Visitors to Colleagues

aReception can call a colleague whom the visitor has come to meet. Based on the provided name, it finds the phone number of the person being visited in the company directory and calls them with the information that the visitor is waiting at the reception.

The contact list can be obtained by connecting to the organization’s LDAP/Active Directory or it can be entered into a separate module. Until the person being visited picks up the visitor at the reception, they will be entertained with a short, non-binding informational conversation.

Overviews of User Behavior

Detailed statistical data on communication with aReception. It provides information about the most used and least used topics, conversation length, success rate in recognizing requests, visitor traffic distribution over time, and much more.

An invaluable assistant for evaluating performance and for subsequent fine-tuning of existing scenarios or identifying topics for adding new scenarios.

aReception Statistics
aReception Chatbot

Prepare the Most Common Scenarios

Prepare the most common scenarios in advance to simplify working with aReception. By analyzing the most frequent situations and inquiries, you can create a list of scenarios that your virtual assistant will handle with ease.

This way, you ensure smooth communication and faster responses to visitors’ or customers’ questions. Effectively increase satisfaction with aReception and provide professional service.

Statistics, Graphs, Analysis, and Evaluation

The key to success with aReception. Monitor the performance of your virtual assistant through detailed statistics and graphs that provide an overview of her usage and efficiency. With analysis and evaluation, you gain valuable insights that enable you to identify areas that need improvement or adjustment.

In this way, you ensure optimal utilization of aReception and maximize its benefits for your company.

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Avatar Selection - Many Faces, Multilingual Support

Choose a personality from more than 400 options, ranging from photorealistic to cartoon and world-famous faces. You can also create your own avatar. You can choose any name you like. We use Rona in our case.

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It's possible even without staff.
The virtual AI assistant is here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions related to the features and properties of aReception.

The solution uses artificial intelligence, specifically natural language processing (NLP). It is essentially a voice assistant, also known as a chatbot with a human face, which performs the appropriate action or provides the requested information based on the recognized situation.

aReception can communicate in natural language (CZ, EN, and 31 other languages), presents itself as a virtual personality with facial expressions and gestures, and handles a variety of basic situations such as arrival for a meeting, calling a colleague, receiving mail, or providing requested information. It offers a phone module for calling colleagues, video calls with a live operator in unknown situations, the ability to add custom scenarios and situations, statistics on workload, visits, and inquiries, an online administrative interface, and a specialized API for integration with your systems, including LDAP.

Of course, you have the option to choose your own avatar from a wide range of nearly 50 pre-prepared options. Additionally, if you wish to have a completely unique avatar, we are capable of creating a custom one according to your specific requirements and provided materials, so you have a truly personal and original representative for your brand or company.

In the Czech version, only a female avatar can be used.

The AI assistant can be used as a receptionist, gatekeeper, guide, switchboard operator, or in other similar roles.

aReception can be used in various fields such as information terminals in town halls, corporate receptions, museums, IQ centers, zoos, theaters, trade fairs, office buildings, shopping centers, transportation stations, schools, universities, airports, healthcare facilities, hotels, smart cities, restaurants, offices, and many more.

aReception currently supports a total of 33 languages, including Arabic, Basque, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese, providing a wide language coverage for diverse environments and clientele.