Clinics & Outpatient Care

Comprehensive solution for efficient management and improvement of patient care.


Ensuring smooth operation, quick orientation, and up-to-date information.

Fitness Centers and Sports Clubs

Virtual trainer, guide, and innovative assistant in training and leading fitness exercises.

Senior Homes

Friendly helper and information source for the older generation.


Optimization of waiting times and improved communication with patients.

Diagnostic Centers & Laboratories

Modern and efficient management of diagnostic facilities.
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It doesn't matter what type of healthcare or social facility you operate, aReception is a universal solution for improving your business.

With aReception, you can streamline and modernize the operation of a wide range of healthcare and social facilities. Our solution is ideal for clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, outpatient care, diagnostic centers, rehabilitation centers, maternity centers and kindergartens, fitness centers and sports clubs, diagnostic centers and laboratories, psychological and psychiatric clinics, homes for the elderly and care services, rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers, blood test and vaccination collection points, outpatient care and specialized offices (e.g. dental, eye, ENT), health and social facilities for people with disabilities, alternative and complementary medicine centers (e.g. acupuncture, homeopathy).

By integrating aReception, you will gain a professional and sustainable way of managing patients, facilitating patient admissions and discharges, and improving communication with patients and their families.

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