Smooth communication at stations.


Easy orientation at stops.


Efficient solutions for comfortable navigation and information at terminals.

Train Stations

Efficient navigation at train stations.


Efficient solutions for airport operations.

Mountain Resorts

Informs and facilitates operation in the mountains.
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Transport infrastructure plays a key role in the smooth functioning of cities and communities.

aReception can be a useful tool for improving operations and customer service in various types of transport facilities, such as airports, metro stations, train stations and stops, bus stations and stops, ports and maritime terminals, tram stops and stations, parking lots and garages.

aReception also supports eco-friendly transportation and enhances passenger experiences within high-speed and highway networks, urban bike paths and bicycle parking, transport hubs, rail transport, cable cars, and mountain railways. Our solution ensures better information and comfort for passengers. By integrating aReception into transport services, taxi stands, shared cars and bike-sharing, logistics transport companies, you will gain a more efficient way of managing and coordinating these services. Our intelligent solution enables easier access to information, faster communication between providers and users of transport, and creates a more enjoyable travel experience.

aReception thus becomes an invaluable partner for a wide range of transport infrastructures, facilitating their operation, improving customer satisfaction, and contributing to a more sustainable and efficient transport system.

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