ePersonality of eGovernment, Sonia Digital Avatar

Digital technologies are crossing boundaries and transforming public administration like never before. A significant milestone on this journey was the recent event where aReception.ai played a key role. Sonia, an advanced digital avatar, together with the moderator Michal, showcased the future of public events at the announcement of the ePersonality of eGovernment 2024.

Innovation in Practice

In collaboration with LIVEBOX Event Production, we demonstrated how modern technology can enrich traditional events. Sonia, equipped with information, was ready to assist throughout the evening, from the announcement of winners to providing important information about the event. This collaboration showcased the power of digital avatars in the real world and opened doors to new possibilities in the public sector.

Contribution to Public Administration

The Egovernment Magazine and GORDIC in 2024 recognized individuals for their contribution to the digitization of public administration. The event, held under the patronage of significant figures, highlighted the importance of recognizing those who have contributed to the advancement in the public sector. Digital avatars like Sonia offer a new way to communicate and celebrate this shift.

aReception: Contribution to Public Administration

aReception and the Future of Public Interaction

Our collaboration with LIVEBOX Event Production and the use of aReception at the ePersonality of eGovernment event points to the extensive potential of digital services. aReception is not just technological progress; it is a bridge between public administration and citizens, offering an efficient, friendly, and innovative form of communication.


The experiment with Sonia at the ePersonality of eGovernment event was more than just a technology demonstration; it was a step towards the future, where digital avatars simplify and enrich public services. aReception is at the forefront of this revolution, bringing efficient and friendly solutions to the public sector. We invite potential partners to join this innovative journey and discover how our solutions can transform their interaction with the public.

Check out the full video of the event below and see for yourself the uniqueness and potential of aReception abilities.

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