Fortress of Knowledge, Olomouc

eLenka – Virtual Guide and Assistant at the Fortress of Knowledge in Olomouc


Fortress of Knowledge – where history and science intersect

Fortress of Knowledge (Olomouc Science Center) – a former military warehouse and later a sad ruin, was definitively transformed into a progressive science museum of the Faculty of Science at Palacký University in April 2015. Thanks to its unique space and current focus on informal education, the Fortress of Knowledge is an inspiring environment today. The rich past charmingly intertwines with the dynamic present, and the Fortress is full of potential to entertain all age groups. From schoolchildren to university students, families with children, or seniors.

aReception eLenka: Guide and Assistant for Visitors

Our aReception eLenka, a full-time guide and assistant, serves as support for visitors and aspiring young scientists. She can help them with basic organizational questions, guide them to exhibitions, and introduce upcoming events and activities.

Interaction with Artificial Intelligence

Visitors can try interacting with real artificial intelligence, chat with eLenka, test her with sophisticated knowledge questions, or play a game with her. eLenka particularly loves playing riddles.

eLenka Continues to Improve

Over time, eLenka continually improves and learns new things, so she can answer more and more curious questions. Visit the Fortress of Knowledge in Olomouc and find out how eLenka contributes to an unforgettable experience for visitors of all age groups.

Benefits of eLenka for the Fortress of Knowledge

eLenka provides a unique experience for visitors, contributing to the popularity of the Fortress of Knowledge. Her presence also eases the workload of employees and helps save on personnel costs. As a guide and assistant, eLenka supports interactive learning and enhances the overall impression of visiting the Fortress of Knowledge.

Innovative Technology at the Fortress of Knowledge

Thanks to aReception eLenka, the Fortress of Knowledge becomes not only a center of scientific knowledge but also a representative of innovative technology. The development of eLenka demonstrates how we, at our company ARTIN, spol. s r.o., are capable of creating successful and efficient solutions in many industries.


Visit the Fortress of Knowledge in Olomouc and explore the fascinating world of science with the company of our virtual guide and assistant, eLenka. Enjoy interacting with artificial intelligence and discover how it contributes to an engaging and interactive experience for all visitors.