Interview on Radiožurnál

aReception attracts attention from Radiožurnál

The aReception technology by ARTIN has gained media attention due to its innovative features and wide range of application possibilities. Recently, an article titled “Virtual receptionists use their own eyes, ears, and mouth: they can announce a visit and accept a parcel” was published on the Radiožurnál website, which focuses on this product and its practical application. In this post, we will look at the main points mentioned in the article and find out how aReception is revolutionizing the field of reception and information services.

Innovation in reception and information services

aReception uses artificial intelligence, advanced sensors, and interactive elements to become an efficient and reliable tool for businesses and public institutions. With the ability to recognize faces, voices, and gestures, aReception becomes a natural and friendly solution for visitors. The article highlights how aReception brings innovation to the field of reception and information services.

Customizability and integration

aReception is highly customizable and can be easily integrated into various environments, such as office buildings, public institutions, or tourist attractions. With the possibility to integrate with building management systems and other devices, aReception can provide a wide range of services, such as calling an elevator, opening doors, or controlling lighting.

Examples of successful use

The article presents an example of collaboration with one of the clients who uses aReception in their office building. aReception takes care of announcing visits, providing information about meetings, and helping visitors navigate the building. The client confirms that aReception has led to improved efficiency and increased visitor satisfaction.

Language support and expandability

aReception supports multiple languages, making it a universal solution for international clientele. In addition, aReception can be easily expanded with additional devices, such as chip card readers or payment terminals. This flexibility allows companies and institutions to customize aReception according to their needs and improve the quality of services provided.

Benefits and advantages of aReception

The summary of the article on Radiožurnál shows how aReception brings innovation and benefits to the world of reception and information services. This technology contributes to improving efficiency and customer satisfaction, which is a key factor of success in today’s competitive environment.

Increased attention from media and professionals

The article on Radiožurnál is proof that aReception is gaining attention from the media and professionals, giving us the opportunity to raise awareness of our product and present its benefits to a wider audience.

In conclusion

The article on the Radiožurnál website presents an opportunity for ARTIN to showcase its innovative solution and raise awareness of the benefits and advantages of aReception. We are excited that our product is being featured in media, and we look forward to further successes and recognition of our aReception product.

aReception demonstrates that innovation and flexibility can fundamentally transform the field of reception and information services. With its ability to adapt to various environments and user needs, aReception is an ideal solution for companies and institutions looking to modernize their reception and information services. Thanks to the attention of the media and professionals, ARTIN has the opportunity to expand awareness of its product and present its benefits and contributions to a wider audience.