aReception and A Tale of Innovation and Partnership in IT

A new chapter in the collaboration between Ltd. and Ltd. a Brno-based company specializing in comprehensive IT solutions, began in August 2023. This partnership offered the opportunity to integrate aReception’s innovative digital receptionist and assistant solutions into their product portfolio.

The appeal and functionality of aReception’s digital assistant captivated to such an extent that they decided to offer this solution to their clients. The integration of the aReception terminal into their showroom and product offerings opens new possibilities for both and their clientele. Expert in IT Solutions is divided into two main services – “Hourly IT Guys” and “Corporate IT Guys“. Both services provide comprehensive IT solutions, each with its specific role and focus.

Hourly IT Guys: This service focuses on individual technical support and troubleshooting with IT devices. It’s ideal for those needing quick and efficient assistance with specific IT challenges.

Corporate IT Guys: This program is designed for businesses and offers comprehensive management and support of IT infrastructure. This service is crucial for companies that need a stable and secure IT environment for their daily operations. also offers a wide range of additional services, including cloud solutions, server management, data backup, security systems, and much more. These services are key for modern business, and provides them with a high emphasis on quality and reliability.

Collaboration with aReception allows to expand their offering with innovative digital solutions that enhance efficiency and provide quality customer service.

aReception in’s Showroom

The implementation of the aReception terminal in’s showroom is a key step in demonstrating modern technologies to customers. Placing this digital assistant directly in the store allows customers to personally experience its features and interactivity.

If customers are enthusiastic about the aReception terminal and find its use beneficial for their business or personal needs, offers them the option to purchase, install, and configure the terminal, including providing all necessary support. With their focus on IT, provides their clients with comprehensive service and consultancy in the field of digital solutions, including the aReception terminal.

Partnership and Benefits

The partnership between aReception and represents a mutually beneficial collaboration that opens new possibilities in the realm of technological innovations and enhances the value of services provided by both companies.

Expansion of Service Offerings: For, integrating aReception into their portfolio means the ability to offer their clients advanced digital solutions, aligning with their focus on innovative IT services.

Strengthening Market Position: For aReception, the partnership with means expanding reach and access to new customer segments. Collaborating with a well-established company in the IT sector strengthens aReception’s reputation and credibility as a leading provider of digital reception solutions.

Mutual Support and Growth: This partnership also allows both companies to benefit from each other’s expertise and experience, leading to mutual support and growth in the area of technological solutions and customer services.

Overall, the partnership between aReception and brings benefits to both collaborating companies and their clients, who gain access to a broader range of innovative IT solutions and services.

Conclusion and Future

The collaboration between aReception and is an example of successful integration of modern technologies into traditional business models. This partnership opens doors to innovation and development in digital solutions, bringing numerous advantages to both companies and their customers. From showcasing the aReception terminal in the showroom to expanding the range of IT solutions – the collaboration strengthens the market position of both companies.

If you are interested in becoming our partners and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by aReception, do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we can open new possibilities for your business and its customers.