Elevating Customer Experience at Trdlokafe

Welcome to a world where technology meets hospitality. Today, we will look at the story of Trdlokafe International s.r.o., a member of the Twistcafe Group, which decided to implement the innovative aReception system in their new offices at Dock on Boudníkova Street in the Palmovka district of Prague.

Since September 2023, the company has the aReception terminal, which has not only increased the efficiency of the company’s reception processes but also elevated the customer experience to a whole new level. Utilizing this modern digital reception system, Trdlokafe has been able to provide its clients with a unique and personalized experience that combines comfort with modern technology.

Trdlokafe International s.r.o.: A Success Story in Hospitality and Innovation

Trdlokafe International s.r.o., a prestigious member of the Twistcafe Group, exemplifies a company committed to continual innovation and improvement of its services. Specializing in providing top-tier coffee and tea experiences, the company has built a reputation based on the high quality of its products and exceptional customer service. Their key to success is the relentless pursuit of new approaches and technologies to enhance services for their clients.

The introduction of aReception into Trdlokafe’s environment represents a significant step forward in their journey of innovation. The implementation of this digital reception system has enabled the company not only to optimize its processes but also to offer a unique and personalized experience to its visitors. The aReception system, combining modern technology with an intuitive user interface, epitomizes how digital transformation can positively influence daily business operations.

Trdlokafe International s.r.o.’s story is an example of how a company can utilize digital innovations to strengthen its market position and enhance relationships with its customers. This approach serves as an inspiration for many other companies seeking to follow a similar path of innovation and development.

How aReception Aids Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction at Trdlokafe

The use of aReception in Trdlokafe’s premises has brought immediate results in increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. This system, serving as the first point of contact for visitors, offers a simple and intuitive interface for communicating with staff and ordering beverages. Visitors appreciate the ability to easily contact the desired person in the company and simultaneously order coffee or tea without waiting for personal assistance, significantly reducing waiting time and enhancing overall comfort.

aReception not only streamlines the process of receiving visitors but also provides a personalized approach. The digital assistant Eva, part of the system, is capable of engaging in simple conversations with visitors, offering entertaining content, information about the company’s services, or even jokes and fairy tales. This interaction adds to the informality and comfort of the environment, particularly significant in a setting like Trdlokafe, where atmosphere and customer experience are key.

Thanks to aReception, Trdlokafe has managed to differentiate itself from the competition and offer its visitors an experience that exceeds usual standards. Customer satisfaction is noticeably higher, and with the digitization of reception services, the company can focus on other areas of development and innovation.

aReception Trdlokafe: Coffee and Tea
A visitor orders a beverage at the aReception terminal.

Technological Trends in Hospitality: The Future of Reception Processes

The current trend of digitization and automation of services is becoming increasingly evident in the hospitality and hosting services sector. aReception is an example of how technological innovations can positively transform the industry. This trend indicates a significant shift in how companies approach customer service and utilize technology to increase efficiency and improve the customer experience.

In the future, we can expect digital assistants and intelligent systems to play an increasingly larger role in the daily operations of companies. These technologies allow businesses to personalize services for each visitor, while also reducing demands on human resources and increasing overall efficiency. Adopting these innovations is not just a matter of keeping up with the competition but also an opportunity to provide extraordinary experiences that influence customer loyalty and long-term success.

At Trdlokafe, they have already begun to experience this future today, thanks to the implementation of aReception. Their example shows how technological innovation can be effectively used to strengthen relationships with customers and create a unique and memorable environment. With the growing importance of personalization and automation, systems like aReception will become increasingly common and essential for the successful operation of modern businesses.


In today’s article, we looked at how Trdlokafe International s.r.o. uses the aReception system to provide not only more efficient but also more personalized services to its visitors. This innovation is an excellent example of how companies can use digital technologies to strengthen their business models and improve the customer experience.

If you are looking for a way to improve efficiency while also providing unforgettable experiences for your clients, aReception is the ideal solution. Visit our website to discover how aReception can transform your business. Be part of the digital revolution and take your customer service to a new level.