Overview of Innovations and Achievements 2023: The Journey of aReception to Digital Excellence

Article Summary

  1. New, clearer website layout
  2. Participation in AI Days and interaction with the digital avatar
  3. Installation and commissioning of terminals for new clients
  4. International expansion and new partnerships
  5. Terminal enhancements, upcoming innovations, and features

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it’s crucial for companies to keep pace with innovation. At aReception, we utilized 2023 to reach significant milestones that have elevated our services and products to a new level. From modernizing our website to participating in prestigious AI events and expanding our services internationally, we bring you an overview of everything we have achieved. Join us on this exciting journey to digital excellence and discover how aReception can enrich your business.

1. New, Clearer Website Layout

In the first quarter of 2023, we decided to completely redesign our website to match the latest trends and the needs of our clients. The new site now offers a more vibrant and intuitive user experience with a clearer pricing scheme divided into three main packages: Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. The simplified choice between renting and purchasing terminals allows clients to easily find the solution that best fits their needs and budget.

2. Participation in AI Days and Interaction with the Digital Avatar

AI Days, known as “Dny AI” in Czech, are a leading forum for the presentation, discussion, and sharing of the latest trends and innovations in the field of artificial intelligence. In 2023, aReception actively participated in a series of these events across the Czech Republic in Brno and Prague. This series of events provided us with a unique platform to showcase our advanced terminals and digital avatar and allowed us to interact directly with a wide range of enthusiasts – from technology experts to ordinary visitors.

Experiences from Brno – AI 4 Business and AI 4 All

In Brno, we kicked off our participation at the AI 4 Business event, which is focused on the application of artificial intelligence in the commercial sector. Here we had the opportunity to demonstrate how aReception can transform everyday business operations and enhance the efficiency and quality of customer services. We then participated in AI 4 All at the Jiří Mahen Library, where the general public had the opportunity to interact directly with our digital avatar and terminal. This event was focused on education and showcased the versatile use of artificial intelligence in everyday life.

Activities and Feedback in Prague

Next was Prague, where we encountered even greater openness to technological innovations. As part of AI 4 Business at the ČSOB headquarters in Prague 5, we demonstrated how our solution could bring value in a corporate environment. The final event was a presentation at the Municipal Library in Prague, which attracted a wide range of visitors, from students to seniors, and demonstrated the universal applications and benefits of our technologies. Particularly gratifying was the interaction with children, who had the opportunity to communicate with the digital avatar and experience firsthand what artificial intelligence can do. Below, watch a recording of our presentation.

Participation in AI Days not only provided us with a platform to showcase our technologies but also valuable feedback from a diverse group of users. This experience allowed us to better understand the needs and ideas of our existing and potential clients and further improve and customize our solutions. We eagerly anticipate another year full of opportunities where we can present new innovations and expand the possibilities of using artificial intelligence in everyday life.

3. Installation and Commissioning of Terminals for New Clients

Autumn brought a busy period of new terminal installations. We collaborated with companies such as Nastav.it, Trdlokafe International, and ELVAC, where we not only installed our terminals but also customized them to the specific needs of each client. Our technology now helps to streamline reception services and improve the customer experience in various sectors.

Collaboration with Nastav.it

Nastav.it s.r.o. is a dynamic IT company that provides comprehensive IT services for households and businesses. From repairs and setups to security and online support. Our collaboration with Nastav.it has allowed the company’s clients to access our aReception terminals, thereby extending the reach of our services and offering innovative solutions to improve their daily operations. With our technology, their clients can now use more efficient and user-friendly reception services.

Collaboration with Trdlokafe International

Trdlokafe International s.r.o. is a unique café chain specializing in original trdelník pastries and quality coffee. The implementation of our aReception terminal at their new Prague headquarters ensures visitor check-in.

We implemented a function that, upon the visitor’s arrival, allows the client to select from various types of coffee or tea on the touch LCD panel. After selection and ordering, the order is automatically sent via SMS to the assistant, who then brings the selected beverage directly to the waiting area of the visitor.

Collaboration with ELVAC

ELVAC a.s. ranks among the leading companies in the field of industrial automation and robotics, providing a comprehensive spectrum of services including inspections, maintenance of machinery, technology modernization, and expert consultancy. Our collaboration with ELVAC a.s. was focused on integrating the aReception terminal into their reception processes and incorporating it into the company’s business systems. This integration brings increased efficiency and automation to welcoming and checking in visitors, aligning with the technological standing and vision of ELVAC a.s. in the field of industrial innovation.

Collaboration with NX Digital Technology

We sent our aReception terminal all the way to the United Arab Emirates, specifically to Dubai, where it serves as a showcase of technological capabilities in this rapidly developing area. Currently, aReception is located at NX Digital Technology in Abu Dhabi, known for its focus on innovative and aesthetic solutions in AI, cybersecurity, and digital transformation. Since 2015, NXDT has been providing services to various industrial sectors, and their experience and collaboration with us represent a significant step in our international expansion and application of artificial intelligence in real-world conditions.

Collaboration with Brno Trade Fairs (BVV)

In collaboration with Veletrhy Brno a.s. , we introduced the aReception terminal at the International Engineering Fair in Brno (MSV 2023) as part of the digital pavilion. This opportunity allowed us to showcase our innovative solution to a broad audience of experts and enthusiasts in industrial technology.

Subsequently, our terminal was also seen at the prestigious Nuclear Exhibition 2023 in Paris. This collaboration with BVV is key for us, and therefore we look forward to its continuation in the coming years and to other fairs where our solution can be tested.

BVV MSV 2023
aReception at International Engineering Fair 2023 in Brno, Czechia
aReception at the Czech Republic stand at the World Nuclear Exhibition 2023 - Paris
aReception at the Czech Republic stand - World Nuclear Exhibition 2023 in Paris, France

Collaboration with PFM-Group Purkyňka Offices

With the arrival of the new year 2024, we are installing the aReception terminal in the Purkyňka Offices project. This modern office complex in Brno-Králové Pole offers flexible spaces that can adapt to the diverse needs of tenants. Thanks to a wide range of services including parking, reception, meeting rooms, and catering services, Purkyňka Offices provides a comfortable and efficient working environment.

The implementation of our aReception terminal in one of the buildings without a physical reception will significantly improve the check-in and orientation of visitors and support the overall smoothness and efficiency of operations. This solution is another step in strengthening our presence in commercial and office spaces and emphasizes our commitment to innovative and technologically advanced working environments.

Collaboration with FN Brno – Children’s Hospital

In the same spirit of innovation and service improvement, we have initiated a collaboration with FN Brno Hospital, specifically with their children’s hospital on Černopolní. The hospital provides comprehensive care for pediatric patients, from diagnostics to specialized and super-specialized treatment. The integration of the aReception terminal into the hospital’s main entrance will bring a new level of orientation and awareness for visitors and patients.

The terminal will assist with navigation throughout the hospital, answer the most common queries, and provide information about hospital services. This contributes to relieving staff and increasing the efficiency of care, which is particularly important in an environment where every second can save a life. Our collaboration with FN Brno underscores our commitment to supporting healthcare facilities and using technology to improve patient care.

Collaboration with Prague City Library

In our effort to support educational and cultural institutions, we have initiated a collaboration with the Prague City Library. The aReception terminal will serve as a digital guide, helping visitors navigate through the extensive book catalog, answer common queries, and facilitate navigation within the library’s premises. This technology not only enhances the visitor experience but also allows library staff to more efficiently manage their daily tasks and provide better services.

4. International Expansion

We are aware of the limitations of the small Czech market and are therefore committed to expanding our presence on the international scene. We are continuously receiving inquiries from potential customers from various parts of the world, including Poland, Germany, the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, Palestine, and India.

This global demand motivates us to further develop and adapt our solutions to meet the specific needs and cultures of different countries while providing innovative and efficient solutions on the global market.

Even such an image can be generated by aReception. Prompt: Generate an HD image - What do you imagine a Christmas tree with gifts would look like in 2222?

5. Enhancement of Terminals, Upcoming Innovations, and Features

In addition to general queries about time, date, weather, or entertaining chats such as jokes, fairy tales, poems, or trivia questions, we have recently added the ability to generate images. Thanks to OpenAI and the use of their technology DALLE-3, visitors can ask the avatar to create an image on any topic. This interactive feature adds another dimension of fun and engagement, allowing visitors and clients to express their wishes and admire the result within a few seconds.

aReception can become an attractive and fun element, adding a “wow effect” to various events, including corporate parties, weddings, and other special occasions.

We recently completed the “Guest Book“, a practical tool that provides an overview of visitors and improves the security and management of your environment.

In the coming weeks, we will focus on implementing the facial recognition feature. This advanced feature will allow terminals to recognize and personally address visitors, bringing a new level of interaction and comfort. It is suitable for a wide range of environments, from corporate lobbies to healthcare facilities and luxury residences. At the same time, we realize the importance of protecting personal data and, in accordance with GDPR, are working to provide our clients not only with advanced technologies but also with thorough guidance and support to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

This facial recognition technology is already actively sought after by our clients in the fields of dental offices, dental clinics, and operators of luxury apartments in New York.

Each client has specific needs and requirements, and at aReception, we are committed to recognizing these needs and gradually processing them. We are constantly striving to innovate and improve our services to meet your individual expectations and contribute to the efficiency of your business. Our flexibility and adaptability are key in how we approach each project with the goal of meeting all your requirements.

6. Conclusion

As we approach the end of the year, we would like to thank all our current and future clients for the trust you place in us. Your support is the driving force behind our innovation and motivation for continuous improvement.

You can arrange an online presentation of the product through our calendar.

We wish you a merry Christmas 🎄 and a successful start to the new year 2024 🎇. May the next year bring you many successes, health, and happiness. With gratitude and best wishes,

aReception Team 😉