Innovation at Your Fingertips: aReception at the 2023 World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris

Collaboration with Czech Exporters and Brno Trade Fairs

At the Czech booth of the prestigious World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris, aReception offers visitors a unique experience. This interactive terminal, provided in collaboration with Brno Trade Fairs (Veletrhy Brno a.s.), serves as an innovative support for Czech companies such as SKODA JS, SKODA Praha, TEPLATOR, and others. The terminal allows visitors to learn more about the exhibitors, their products, and innovations. This approach not only increases the visibility of Czech companies but also shows how technology can be effectively used to support business activities. Thanks to the aReception terminal provided by Veletrhy Brno a.s., the Czech booth becomes a center of innovation and technological progress at the World Nuclear Exhibition.

The Importance of AI in Modern Exhibitions

The integration of artificial intelligence through aReception brings a new dimension of interaction to exhibitions. This technology allows visitors a smoother and more efficient orientation within the exhibition, provides real-time information, and supports networking among participants and exhibitors. aReception is an example of how innovation opens new possibilities in the field of business and industrial events.

Enhance Your Event with aReception

If you are planning any event where you would like to enhance the atmosphere with an interactive avatar powered by artificial intelligence, aReception is here for you. Our innovative AI terminal can add a unique dimension to your event, increase interactivity, and visitor engagement. For more information on renting the aReception terminal and how it can enrich your event, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are here to help you tailor aReception to your specific needs and requirements.


Visit us at our booth at the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris and see how aReception is changing the game in the world of exhibitions and expos. With our terminal, you not only get information about Czech exporters but also experience the power of innovation and technological advancement. For more information, visit World Nuclear Exhibition and websites.

Czech companies you can visit at the exhibition include: ALVEL, ARMATURY GROUP, CHEMCOMEX, Czech Power Industry Alliance, CEZ, DATA PARTNER, INSET, MICo, MIFRE ENERGY, Nuclear Research Institute, Research and Testing Institute Plzen, Research Centre Rez, SKODA JS, SKODA Praha, TEPLATOR, ZVVZ GROUP, ZDAS.

aReception terminal ready for dispatch from Brno to Paris.
aReception terminal ready for dispatch from Brno to Paris.
aReception at the Czech Republic stand at the World Nuclear Exhibition 2023 - Paris
aReception at the Czech Republic stand - World Nuclear Exhibition 2023, Paris