aReception Recognized in JIC Article on Innovations

JIC and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence in Brno

South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC) is an organization focused on supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in the fields of science, technology, and creative industries. As part of its efforts to develop and support innovation, JIC published an article titled “Brno.AI, a platform for artificial intelligence, is being created in Brno“, highlighting the role of Brno as a center for artificial intelligence.

Recognition of aReception as one of the most interesting projects in Brno

In the JIC article, a number of interesting projects are mentioned, and aReception was included in this group. JIC thus confirmed that our technology is among the most interesting artificial intelligence-based projects in Brno.

JIC Innovation Ecosystem and its support for innovation

JIC is an open innovation ecosystem that supports people in developing businesses that can change the world. It is a place that brings together globally successful entrepreneurs, startups, scientific workers, and other innovation enthusiasts. JIC has also inspired the world to create new solutions and changes in the field of technology and business.

The importance of aReception for automation and efficiency

Our innovative aReception solution enables automation of reception and administrative processes using artificial intelligence and machine learning. We help companies save time and money while ensuring efficient and comfortable communication with customers.
Thank you JIC and we look forward to future collaboration
The JIC article not only gave us further encouragement and motivation but also confirmed that our work makes sense and that we are on the right path. We thank JIC for supporting innovation in Brno and look forward to future collaboration with other members of the innovation ecosystem.

The future of aReception and further development

With increased interest in our aReception technology, we look forward to further development and innovation. We plan to expand our portfolio of services, improve existing features, and offer more options for integration with other technologies. JIC provides us with an ideal platform for collaboration with other innovators and scientists, allowing us to push the boundaries of what is possible with artificial intelligence.


We are thrilled that our aReception technology has received recognition from JIC, a prestigious organization supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in the South Moravian region. This recognition motivates us to continue our efforts to improve our services and contribute to the development of artificial intelligence in Brno and the entire region.