Report on aReception in Czech Television

aReception on Czech Television

On March 1, 2021, we had a great opportunity to present our innovative aReception technology in the program Events in Regions. This virtual receptionist could potentially replace traditional receptionists and change the way businesses receive visitors and manage access to buildings.

In the report, we briefly demonstrated the possibilities of how aReception works and how this technology can help companies improve efficiency and reduce costs. Our virtual receptionist allows visitors to easily call the company’s contact employee.

Virtual receptionist and Covid-19

Furthermore, in the report, we focused on how aReception contributes to safety during the Covid-19 pandemic when it is important to minimize contacts and reduce the risk of spreading the virus. The virtual receptionist allows for minimizing contacts between people, thus increasing the safety of everyone who visits the building.

If you would like to view the report on our aReception technology, you can find it in the archive on the Czech Television website from 19 minutes and 17 seconds. We look forward to your opinions and questions and will be happy to hear from you.