aReception at iQLANDIA, Liberec

On March 9, 2023, we placed our aReception in iQLANDIA in Liberec, which popularizes natural sciences and technical fields using the principles of informal education and research-based approach. It makes science and research accessible to schools and the general public.

Its goal is to positively influence attitudes towards natural sciences and technical fields. It strives to support interest in studying these fields and contribute to the idea of a sustainable society. They believe that education and innovation are key factors in achieving a sustainable future, and their mission is to support and develop these areas.

What can Holly do in iQALANDIA?

The new virtual guide Holly, also known as aReception, understands spoken language and can answer almost any question. She provides basic information about the science center, answers knowledge questions from various scientific fields or history, plays a game of riddles or other games, displays the current weather forecast, creates a short story on a given topic, or just chats with you.

Tips for interacting with Holly: How to effectively communicate with an AI assistant

Holly transcribes what she hears onto the screen, so you can see if she processed the question or instruction correctly. She draws answers from both a fixed set of responses and the internet using Google search, or even from the general artificial intelligence OpenAI/ChatGPT. Finding or creating an answer may sometimes take a while, so be patient and wait for a response.

Start the conversation by pressing the “Start Conversation” button.
  • During the conversation, stand in front of Holly at about an arm’s length so she can see you well on the camera.
  • Holly will end the call if she doesn’t see anyone standing in front of the camera for an extended period of time, or if you say goodbye to her normally.
  • If there are several of you at Holly at the same time, do not talk over each other, as Holly cannot distinguish individual people talking to her and will mix sentences together.
  • Holly can also be controlled by buttons at the bottom of the touch screen.

Establishing successful cooperation between aReception and iQLANDIA

The collaboration between aReception and iQLANDIA is mutually beneficial and brings advantages to both parties. Thanks to aReception, the efficiency and level of services offered by iQLANDIA are increased, while iQLANDIA provides aReception with a great opportunity to showcase their AI assistant to the general public.

This partnership also allows both organizations to share their experiences, insights, and innovations, which contributes to further development and improvement of both aReception and iQLANDIA. We believe that this collaboration will continue and bring success and satisfaction not only to both companies but also to visitors and customers who use the services of aReception within iQLANDIA.